TEXT & The City

Break Ups & Breakthroughs in Recovery

mer-picby Meredith A. Brown
Founder of Pink Clouds & Hula Hoops
August 10, 2015

My life mirrors “Sex & The City” once again!
Who remembers when Carrie Bradshaw got dumped on a “Post-It” note?
Well – the guy with whom I’ve been “intertwined,” on & off for months, dumped me over the weekend by TEXT… Yes – TEXT! A 56-yr-old man dumped me by TEXT?!! Have you ever??


carryI don’t know whether to laugh or cry so I’ve been doing both. I should’ve listened to ALL of you on this *subject a long time ago when posting on the declining nature of my relationship(s) on Social Media.
(* BTW – “Rejection is God’s protection” was my fave insight of all! TY)

The good news – as it relates to recovery – is the ongoing process of learning to practice acceptance and to live life on life’s terms pushes me forward on my quest to live a sober and more spiritual life. it also reinforces my personal mantra and philosophy that when always seeking the Silver-Lining approach to life – through the most difficult & discouraging days – that even breakups can be seen as a breakthroughs!

p.s. Per ushe, I ROL (recover out loud) which is the whole point of this Blog, an electronic diary of my Journey in Recovery – the sunny days as well as the dark.
So, there you have it…the good, the bad, the ugly and the really, really ugly – once again!
Sunny days undoubtedly ahead!

F/U report – I am proud to report that I reached 9-months sober on 8/7/15 – the same week the aforementioned all went down! ODAAT.

Thanks for letting me share…
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