Super Human(ity)!

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mer-picby Meredith A. Brown
Founder of Pink Clouds & Hula Hoops
April 13, 2015

Blog #2 in the house!
Thanks in advance to those who have come back for more & to newcomers to our site.
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I am leap-frogging my introductory Blog, once again, in favor of a much more important topic:

~ The Hand of Humanity Reaching Out to Those in Recovery ~

PicsArt_1428928995480While an exhibitor/vendor at last weekend’s Delray Affair – a mainstream not recovery-focused event (bad choice; my bad) – I heard a story which made the sweltering heat & booze-billowing-ness of the event worth the trouble. A message I feel compelled to carry. Atypical of most ‘stink eye’ glances made in our spiritually stylish hula hoop-clad direction, a kind-eyed handsome gentleman (named Ben) – approached our booth. He had that knowing “look”…nodding & smiling as he scanned our fun-loving recovery “propaganda”…
ritasI was relieved thinking “Phew! He gets ‘it”… unlike the many women passersby donning Lilly Pulitzer wanting to talk about their mid-century hula-hooping heydays.
He & his lovely wife Debbie (yep, only natural he’s married to a hottie), a neighboring vendor, although not one(s) of “us” are unique & special sort of recovery insiders. They represent the subculture I like to think is emerging; a subculture of Super Human(itarian)s in the world of recovery.
Back when owners of world-famous Rita’s Italian Ice in City Place (West Palm Beach), they predominantly hired young people & newcomers in recovery from alcoholism & addiction. It didn’t stop there. Debbie helped many of these kids get their GEDs and get into college by holding their hands walking them through applications, paperwork and red tape.
Ben, an experienced & skilled “numbers” corporate guy, passed on this statistical fact -“the risk hiring those in recovery is the same hiring those NOT in recovery…sadly – thieves & poor work ethics run the gamut of society.”
Delray_AffairThe couple (pictured here with one of their success stories) further explained that sometimes it’s that one leap of faith that changes someone’s life. “Just gotta cut people breaks once in a while” and go with your heart AND gut instinct of what’s right & fair.
When successfully selling that particular business, Debbie & Ben, who calls his wife a saint, say it was bittersweet knowing they would no longer be able to help young people in recovery in that fashion.
Talking about fashion, Debbie now sells really, really chic women’s clothes & accessories. So here’s a shout out to her –
When I meet people such as Ben & Debbie Pincus on my journey it compounds & validates my theory that with second chances & silver linings, those in recovery can soar new heights and even start to ‘leap tall buildings’….!

Thanks for letting me share…
See ya next week, God willing.