For those who are wondering the origin of our name Pink Clouds & Hula Hoops, which reflects our “speaking-the-language” & “living-the-lessons” of recovery concept…

Part I – The “Pink Cloud”

The ‘Pink Cloud’, defined by 12-Step Recovery Fellowships, is the temporary sensation of euphoria & well-being characteristic of those predominantly new to recovery & sobriety. For most, the Pink Cloud eventually dissipates – and we all have to live life on life’s terms. This heralds the time to get down to business and start (or re-start) vigorously working a program of recovery…

Part II – The Word “Hula Hoops”

Is a reference to the common saying in recovery – “Stay in Your Hula Hoop” meaning to mind your business adhering to strict boundaries of what concerns you and what doesn’t. In recovery as well as in life in general – negativity, conflict, drama and chaos is often caused, in part, by those who preoccupy themselves with what’s outside their scope of concern.

This phrase also reminds us to take our OWN moral inventory (not others’), avoid judgment & gossip at all costs and that what others think of us is none of our business.

All lessons that make for a more spiritual, liberating & peaceful life.