Our Mission: We sell stuff that inspires & empowers

As a lifestyle retail brand catering to the niche market of those in recovery namely from alcoholism & addiction (and its peripheral). Selling our signature chic & spiritually-stylish shirts; clever sobriety gifts & novelties reflecting the principles highlighted in programs of successful recovery. Positive, inspirational and “feel good” merchandise messaging also to appeal to like-minded mainstream consumers and recovery enthusiasts.

It’s Not Just Merchandise; It’s a Movement.

To raise awareness that the hushed archaic stigma that to be “in recovery” is pass√©…¬†rather, to be “in recovery” is a positive, proud phenomenon about hope & happiness; second chances & silver linings… and yep, sometimes, even slip-ups!

There’s No ‘I’ in ‘WE’COVERY

To hire qualified individuals in recovery.

Paying it Forward

To donate a portion of revenue to recovery-related NOT-for-profit organizations as well as NON-drug/alcohol-based NFPs including (but not limited to) breast cancer research & recovery.

Up (Capitol) Hill Battle

To garner enough exposure, support, patronage, prestige & clout to someday politically & impactfully compound that alcoholism/addiction IS a disease and should be treated as such in the Department of Corrections, Department of Criminal Justice and the regulated and job markets at large.